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    Data & Impact

    Modern slavery has an immense global footprint. We are, however, still in the very early stages of understanding the full scale, scope, and nature of slavery. A step-change in the fight to eradicate slavery will require a deep, data-driven understanding of how it works, where, and why.

    To accomplish this, the Global Fund to End Slavery will build a Global Data Platform to serve as a single data repository and information-sharing network. This will provide the basis for a robust Impact Measurement System of standardized, impact-driven metrics to ensure reliable monitoring & evaluation of all programs and initiatives. The System will enable the creation of a Proven Practices Platform that will guide future programming and implementation.

    Global Data Platform

    In collaboration with experts, the Fund has begun to develop an architecture for a shared global platform. We are also looking at developing innovative ways to enhance the data stream (e.g., proximate data collection, geospatial mapping, real-time hotline data, etc.).

    Impact Measurement System

    The Fund is developing a robust, standardized set of impact indicators, both qualitative and quantitative, designed to measure progress towards the final goal of ending slavery. These will include leading indicators to assess progress, impact measures to track real-time results, and monitoring benchmarks to ensure sustainability.

    • Leading indicators: number of arrests, law enforcement officers trained, policy improvements, etc.
    • Impact measures: number of persons removed from slavery, changes in school enrollment, safe migration rates for high-risk populations, etc.
    • Monitoring benchmarks: number of survivors with follow-up support, sectoral employment rates and wages, project cost per person, etc.

    Proven Practices Platform

    Based on these impact measures, the Fund will develop a portfolio of proven practices. The Platform will allow these practices to be shared across countries, sectors, and organizations. This will enable the rapid spread of best practices, scaling of effective programs, and the cost-effective use of resources.

    Implementing the Results

    The results of these three components will be used to shape and improve on the Costed National Plans, country strategies, and program design as the Global Fund moves forward. Results will also be channelled into the Data Fusion Center, an ongoing project to create a robust and secure data-sharing network between key actors in the anti-slavery space. This will enable further development of analyses and recommendations by Global Fund partners and others.