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To report a tip, connect with anti-trafficking services in your area, or request information, call The National Human Trafficking Resource Center at: 1-888-373-7888, or visit for more information.

    What we do

    Current efforts to counter modern slavery are impeded by major structural gaps that require a coordinated, international response. However, we are defining a clear pathway to ending modern slavery that includes:

    Defining the scope and nature of modern slavery

    • Conduct systems mapping and analysis
    • Develop informed hypotheses on drivers
    • Evaluate potential interventions

    Agreeing on Costed National Plans with country stakeholders

    • Create roadmaps with governments to dismantle slavery systems
    • Work with NGOs, businesses, international organizations & faiths

    Programming for sustainability

    • Seek to anticipate economic, political and social dislocation from eradication
    • Ensure the local economy’s absorptive capacity

    Assessing outcomes and impact

    • Ensure programs deliver real change through data and impact assessment
    • Standardize metrics to measure impact and effectiveness
    • Build a data platform to share results and analysis

    Motivating business transformation

    • Provide businesses with tools to transform operations, assess supply chain risk and eliminate dependency on sourcing vulnerable to slave labor

    Formulating exit strategy

    • Catalyze local and government ownership
    • Spur other countries not yet engaged to act by demonstrating positive outcomes